We are launching the Morgana kickstarter in a week (July 12th) #holyshit

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There is nothing quite like the realization that you launch in a week to light a fire under your butt. Actually, we’ve been beavering away on this campaign for just over three months and it’s all shaping up to be a very satisfyingly organized affair.

prepping materials

The support we have received so far has been so moving, it’s a very strange feeling going from two punk chicks working on a documentary in their home office to two punk chicks taking it to the world.

We’ve turned to crowdfunding for post production so that we can get Morgana finished to a world class standard, with an edit, grade and sound mix. We are launching at 10am on July 16th (fb event page is here)

We are also running in the pre-launch phase a Thunderclap (or at least we are testing it out to see what reach we can get! Currently, we have 90/100 (10 to go) with  131,427 social reach! Feel free to join up here


We are enjoying preparing for our launch party as well.  We are running Grande Dame Guignol a celebration of staunch and stunning women from cinema history. On the left is co-director Izzy channeling her very best Little Edie from Grey Gardens. We are very excited to be working with Aussie wrestling legend Krackerjak who is working to bring the matches to life.   Also times pretty perfectly with GLOW, we have some fantastic female wrestling matches event details and tickets are here

 While all of that is going on, we have also been designing our Kickstarter rewards. We are super lucky to have artwork from 4 talented artists  Tim Molloy (did naked Mogs in Flesh Forest) https://www.timmolloy.com/ Warren James Borthwick  (He is warrenjames3 on instagram)  Dale Keogh   (https://shop.beinart.org/collections/dale-keogh) Curran James (his designs are used above) https://www.instagram.com/curranjamestattoo/ https://www.facebook.com/curranjamestattoo/

We can’t wait to release all the products to the public on the 12th.

That’s it for now internet, see you on the flip side.


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