A lonely house-wife’s plan to commit suicide takes an unexpected turn when her last hurrah begins a radical journey of sexual exploration and personal re-invention.

Morgana – Synopsis

‘Morgana’ is an artistic character portrait of a troubled 50 year old housewife who re-invents herself as a feminist porn star after spending 20 years in a loveless, sexless marriage.

Stuck in the suburbs of rural Australia, Morgana is an eccentric woman who struggles to fit into her role as a dutiful housewife and mother. After significant weight gain, she loses her desired status as a ‘trophy wife’ which compounds her isolation. At the age of 47 she finally gets a divorce but is cast out by her conservative community and left completely alone to drift nameless and stateless.

Desperately in need of touch and human contact, Morgana hires a male sex worker for one ‘last hurrah’ before ending it all.

After 15 years of loneliness and sexual isolation within her marriage, the encounter ignites a spark within her and she takes control of her life and begins the process of re-constructing her identity.

After hearing about a competition for first time erotic film makers, Morgana feels compelled to make a film about her own story. The film ‘Duty-Bound’, which she directs and stars in, is about leaving her marriage and the first night she spent with the male escort.  Unexpectedly, the film wins an award at a European film festival for first time pornographers, catapulting Morgana into a new world of sexual diversity and feminist porn.

Moving to Berlin to be with her newfound community, life merges with art as Morgana uses erotic filmmaking as a tool for creative catharsis and personal re-invention, while still struggling with real world issues and hereditary mental illness.

Is Berlin the key to finding her happiness, or will the threads that connect her to Australia be too strong to break?

Our Story. Punk Rock Film Sisters Doing It For Themselves

Our Story

‘Morgana’ co-directors Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess first met in 2013 at a punk gig in inner city Melbourne. Isabel had just directed a successful short animation ‘Butterflies’, starring Rachael Griffith and Nicholas Hope and Josie was working at Monster Pictures and just beginning her career in erotica/ethical porn. Over beers, rants about the film industry and smashing the patriarchy, a friendship was born and the two began collaborating on a series of projects almost immediately.

One day Josie approached Isabel to document the 50th birthday of a female pornographer, Morgana Muses, who she was working for at the time. Morgana was to be suspended naked, in a large-scale bondage installation and then photographed as a birthday gift to herself. After meeting Morgana and learning that only 3 years earlier she had been a housewife in the suburbs of rural Australia, Isabel and Josie became fascinated by the character and her journey and approached Morgana to turn her life into a documentary film.

Initially it was only going to be a short documentary, but as the story and character progressed in unexpected ways, it grew into an intense feature length character study which led the team from the suburbs of rural Victoria, to the BDSM clubs of Berlin and beyond.

Directors Statement

As female directors we were attracted to Morgana because she is a fascinating, complex protagonist who naturally challenges expectations of a middle-aged woman’s character, sexuality and place in the world. Morgana is a woman trapped between two worlds, who struggles to fit into both and ultimately needs to come to terms with the truth of herself before she can move forward. She is a unique and complex character, who is many things at the same time. She is both deeply morbid and hilariously funny, incredibly vulnerable, yet brave and in control, melancholic and depressive, but also excitable and creatively driven. In her dualistic nature and emotional honesty, we found a complicated, fascinating hero that as artists and women, we could relate to. Originally what drew us to this story were the themes that were on the surface, the taboo of female aging and visible sexuality, the human need for intimacy and touch, the search for community and belonging and the redemptive power of art. As our journey with the character continued, other layers of meaning rose to the forefront; the construction of identity and self, how we play into social and personal narratives and where the line between the ‘authentic self’ and the ‘performance of self’ is drawn. Stylistically we are drawing on our diverse creative backgrounds in animation horror and erotica to poetically illustrate and heighten our characters psychological journey. The use of handmade miniature sets, installation art and Morgana’s own films compliment the dark, sexual nature of the material and adds beauty and weight to the telling of her story, while also allowing us to explore the line between art and artifice.

About Morgana Muses

AUSTRALIA’S INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED 50+ EROTIC AUTUER Morgana Muses is the age-positive, sex-positive creative director and performer of Permission 4 Pleasure. She shares her journey of sexual exploration with audiences through her award winning films.  Sex and sexuality were never discussed during her upbringing, they were considered completely taboo. At the tender age of 47, two years after leaving her marriage Morgana decided to embark on her journey of sexual exploration and learning, breaking out of the role that had been imposed on her. In 2012 she was the recipient of the Petra Joy Award for first time film-makers with her entry ‘Duty Bound’, which detailed her own experience hiring a male escort. Since then Morganas’ films have screened all over the world in leading erotic festivals such as Cinekink New York, The Berlin Porn Film Festival and in 2015 she won the Feminist Porn Awards ‘Heart Throb of the Year. In April 2017 she received 3 awards at the Toronto Porn film Festival including Best Fetish Film for ‘Having My Cake’.

Quotes About Morgana

“Morgana is a refreshing and much needed voice. We’re madly in love with everything she has to say, and think you will be too” – TrenchcoatX

“Morgana Muses, the creative director of feminist porn site Permission4Pleasure, began writing, producing, and performing in porn at the tender age of 47, and she has been busting stereotypes and taboos about what it means to make and perform in porn ever since” – After Ellen
“Morgana Muses is a force of nature that creates beautiful documents of sexual exploration through short film, documentary and experimental formats”. – Erica Lust