Business Sponsors Directory

Creative, Queer, Kinky and Sex-positive friendly businesses that support the Morgana  Documentary.

Trocadero Art Space

Trocadero Art Space is an artist-run initiative located in the heart of Footscray – only 5 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. Trocadero Art Space presents an annual exhibition calendar of new and contemporary art with a focus on presenting a diverse program of engaging and high-quality exhibitions across its exhibition spaces.”

Oz Kink Fest

Oz Kink Fest is an annual festival for the alternative and kink community of Australia based in Melbourne or Hellbourne as we like to call it. This event spans over 10 days and offers a variety of opportunities for like minded people to be a part of, there is something for everyone! The aim of the festival is to support the community we are all part of through events that raise a sense of community spirit and help to support the many businesses and community organisations we have.

Beinart Gallery

Beinart (Melbourne, Australia) is a curated space for highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for strange and imaginative themes. By showing internationally established artists with emerging talent we are ushering the New Contemporary art movement into Australia. We are passionate about raising the profiles of Australian artists to an international stage through our worldwide network of collectors and enthusiasts. Beinart Gallery opened in 2016, but our role within this growing international movement spans over a decade through publishing, curating, promoting and educating.”