From suburban housewife to porn star at 52: the emancipation of Morgana

“A turquoise-haired woman takes the stage at Berlin’s Porn Film Festival in stiletto boots and an evening dress split high up the thigh. The snigger from a couple in the audience is barely audible, but then, the woman is attuned to it. She stiffens for a second, and takes the microphone. “You can laugh if you like,” she says, “but darling, I was a young, gorgeous creature once – and you’re going to be my age one day.” – Jenny Valentish


“Morgana was a divorced woman in her late 40’s, living in rural Australia; she had lost her identity and was cast out from the life she once knew. It was the decision made in the last moments, before making the desperate attempt to end it all that changed the course of Morgana’s life. At age 50, Morgana explores the unexpected turns life can take… just when you think your life is over.” – Kylie Dexter

Feminist porn documentary captures the medium through a woman's gaze

“On the day 47-year-old Morgana Muses decided to end her life, she took one last shot at happiness. The separated Albury housewife hired an escort and experienced intimacy for the first time in 20 years, sparking the reinvention of herself as an erotic film star…”

CROWDFUND PORN: Documentary Film about Morgana Muses

From repressed housewife to feminist Porn star. The true story of a 50 year old divorcee who refused to disappear.

Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess are two female directors who love horror, erotica and animation making a documentary about Morgana Muses, an adult performer and producer of her film company Permission4Pleasure.